Doulton STD 9104 STANDARD, Black Cap. 0.9 micron filtration rating (Pre Filter)

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Doulton drinking water system, Trusted by million. 

Doulton water provide, healthy, natural, safest, finest, great tasting minerals water for whole family to enjoy!

# Filtration performance table at a glance

# What's in the box?

1 unit X Doulton STD 9104 STANDARD Ceramic Candle


Doulton STD 9104 STANDARD Ceramic Candle *For Pre Filter Use only

Benefits: Removal of particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts.

Range: Short Thread Mount

Length: 10 inches (254mm)

Diameter: 2 inches (49mm)

Filter Performance: Micro filtration of Bacteria, Cysts, Particles. Organics

Model: Doulton STANDARD 10" BLACK CAP!

Made in: ENGLAND, fully imported.

Minimum Working Pressure: 1 Bar

Flow rate: 1.9/L @ 2 Bar

Working temperature range: 5 ~ 38 degree celcius

Working pH range: 5.5 ~ 9.5

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