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British Berkefeld HBA MKII Wall Mount With Sterasyl Water Filter (ON)Countertop (Elegant White)

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      • British Berkefeld HBA MKII Wall Mount Housing with user manual.


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        Doulton drinking water system, Trusted by millions. Doulton water provides, healthy, natural, finest, great tasting minerals water for the whole family to enjoy!

        Why Doulton Water?

        • Reverse your treatment water, tap water back to natural, finest, great tasting healthy drinking water. 


        • STERASYL CANDLE INCLUDED: Included in the box is one 10 x 2 inch (254 x 49 mm) Sterasyl candle High-efficiency filter that kills 99.99% bacteria, cysts, and particles. Cleanable filter surface for prolonged life. Anti-bacterial action. Proprietary system to prevent bacterial growth. No boiling is required.
        • Retains essential minerals beneficial to health. Bottled water quality on tap in your own home. Eco-friendly reusable filter cartridges.
        • HBA MKII: Filter is made of food-grade performance plastics. Filtered water passes out through the outlet arm on the HBA unit. Up to 300 liters per hour of refreshingly clean drinking water on tap.


        • Easy to install and use. Instructions are available inside the box. A water pipe is not included in the box and is required to connect to the main water supply.
        • NO POWER REQUIRED: Protecting you whether or not power is available.
        • SPECIFICATIONS: Connections: 1/2 inch BSP threaded inlet and outlet 325 mm Height and 125 mm width Ideal for wall mounted installation, above sink unit.


        • Compatible Candles: Sterasyl, Super Sterasyl, ATC Super Sterasyl, Chlorasyl, Ultracarb. The choice of filter candle grade depends on which
        • contaminants you want to remove from your water.

        Max Operating Temperature:

        • 30 degree Celsius Max Operating Pressure: 100 psi

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