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A strong heritage means a brand that you can trust. Royal Doulton® has always been a pioneering force in ceramics.

In the 19th Century, Royal Doulton® was asked to create a water filter for Queen Victoria’s household to provide a solution to obtain clean drinking water from the filthy waters of the Thames, which harboured cholera and typhoid.

John Doulton had already acquired a reputation for ceramic innovation and drew on this to create a water filter especially for the royal household.

Doulton and Co, as the firm was then known, was eventually honoured with the royal warrant in 1901, granting the firm the right to use ‘Royal’.

After extensive research Royal Doulton® then introduced a range of porcelain water filters in 1904, allowing more families to remove harmful contaminants from their drinking water.

This commitment to ceramic technology and industry served Doulton well, laying down the foundations for a brand that was to become world famous and synonymous with quality.

The firm continued to grow in stature and reach, making its home in Staffordshire, the heart of the pottery industry, where it remains today.

Highest standards

More than 180 years later, Royal Doulton® still stands for the highest standards in water filtration.

In the Royal Doulton ELITE/BTU a high-specification ceramic filtration candle draws contaminants from the water supply providing absolute filtration by removing 99.99%+ of many contaminants and particles.

Well deserved brand loyalty has been built up through years of performance, innovation and quality.

There are literally hundreds of years of experience flowing through every drop of Doulton® filtered water.

To taste the benefits of centuries of experience, try the Royal Doulton® water filter.