Test the doulton difference

Test the doulton difference

Are you drinking empty water?

While removing contaminants, the wrong filter system could also remove all of the good, naturally occurring minerals from your drinking water, leaving you with empty, tasteless water.

A Doulton® water filter only removes the bad contaminants, including disinfectants, heavy metals, bacteria, and microplastic, while retaining the essential minerals that are beneficial to your health - and make water taste great.

Doulton® ceramic filters add nothing to the water during filtration. This ensures that essential minerals are retained for healthy water and a superior taste.

Some water purification systems also remove good, naturally-occurring minerals leaving empty, tasteless drinking water.

Doulton® water filters are carefully designed to take out bad contaminants while protecting the natural, healthy minerals that make your water taste great.

Healthy water, full of minerals, full of taste.

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